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to set-up, promote,
and host your 1st webinar  

from Nelly Odessa
Business Mentor + Achievement Strategist for Online Coaches, Experts, & Content Creators

Are you a Webinar Virgin?

Have you THOUGHT about hosting webinars for your business?  

Do you attend OTHERS' webinars... and think to yourself "I want to do this, too"? 


Are you overwhelmed by the technology?

 "which platform is the right one for me?"

 "how do I set it up?"

Do you fear that no-one will show up and you will end up talking to yourself? 

"how do I promote my webinar?"

"what topic should my webinar be on?"

Do you worry that you don't look good on camera?

"how do I appear confident on camera?"

"how do I hide that double chin?"

So you've THOUGHT about hosting webinars for your business....

And you still have not DONE it.

But you still WANT to.

Is that you?

“Hosting webinars for your business is NOT mad science.”

4 Myths About Hosting Webinars
(what you need to know
that no-one is talking about) 


What works for your gurus (and peers) may NOT work for you.

Stop trying to ask everyone else - including your gurus, what webinar tools they use to host webinars.  

Your guru is in one phase of business, and you are in another.
Your business buddies are tech savvy, and you are not.
Or vice versa.
Who cares about what THEY use.

Instead, try to identify which features YOU need right now, and which systems and tools provide that for you.    

When you join Host Your 1st Webinar course you will be guided to select a webinar platform (and other tech tools) that are right for you and your business.  


Hosting webinars because everyone else is doing it is NOT a solid strategy.

You need an actual strategy of how webinars will fit into your business.  

While most webinar experts all repeat the same two reasons for online entrepreneurs and coaches to host webinars (to pitch your offer on the live call and/or to grow your e-mail list), there are many more ways to use webinars to your advantage.

In any reputable webinar course, including Host Your 1st Webinar course, you will learn the two strategies discussed above.  But in Host Your 1st Webinar course you will also learn 5 ADDITIONAL simple-to-implement, never before discussed secret success strategies for using webinars to take your business to the next level.


You DO NOT need to buy fancy tools or equipment, or spend money on paid advertising. 

You need ONLY 4 tools you need to host successful webinars (Hint: You already have all or most of these tools, which also means that you do not need to spend money or invest in 27 random tools others have been telling you that you need).

And here is a truth bomb about advertising and promotion.  The only marketing strategy all the other 'webinar gurus' are talking about is spending money on Facebook ads, completely failing to teach any other effective free promotional strategies (and there are plenty!)

In Host Your 1st Webinar course we mention the strategy of Facebook ads, but you will also learn 9 OTHER proven methods for promoting your 1st webinar that work like a charm - and that won't cost you a single penny.   And, of course, you will learn what those 4 essential webinar tech tools are - and how to set them up.



The way you FEEL when hosting webinars does matter.

It's not only about what you say, it's about how you say it.

That is why it's important to engage your audience and make the webinar both informative and engaging.
If you are nervous about the way you look or sound, or doubt your abilities in any way, your audience will feel your self-doubt.

Even if you are completely confident in front of the camera and love to talk, you can still learn to be more present.

Learn "Nelly's secret practices for overcoming 1st webinar fears".

Having taught public speaking to HUNDREDS of New York executives, actors, and trial lawyers, I will share with you the relevant practices entrepreneurs need to know to overcome nervousness, boost confidence, and position yourself for success when going LIVE.

This is me and why I created this course for you.

I take entrepreneurs and coaches who are learning junkies and turn them into action takers.

If you love to learn, keep taking courses, or spend most of your time consuming OTHER peoples' content, I help you actually get stuff done, implement what you learn, take action, and create your OWN content. 

For months now, nearly every single one of my clients has expressed their desire to begin hosting webinars but had NO CLUE how to get started.

What tools to use, what topics to focus on, and how to promote the webinars were RECURRING questions EVERY entrepreneur, coach, expert, and content creators was asking. 

Host Your 1st Webinar course was created due to need and popular demand. 

Webinars have been my #1 strategy for growing my e-mai list, connecting with my target audience, establishing myself as an expert, spreading my message - and monetizing $$$.

The process taught in the Host Your 1st Webinar course has worked for MANY of my clients - not just for me.   And it will work for you too!

Other fun facts about me:
I am a...
New Yorker
retired professional actress
published author
mother of two
wife of one
yoga enthusiast

Plus, since 2007 I have built 2 profitable educational companies, one of them exclusively online, and have coached hundreds of individuals.

I've been featured in...

Host Your 1st Webinar Offers You: 

Tech overwhelm be gone!   

Eliminate stress and overwhelm by learning exactly what you need to do, step-by-step, technically to set-up your virtual classroom and get ready to host your 1st webinar.

It's time you learn:

  • The ONLY 4 tools you need to host successful webinars
  •  How to select a webinar platform that is right for you and your business.
  • Easiest ways to create a professional webinar landing page (aka registration page, aka sign up page) quickly!

Get people to register for your webinar.
And actually show up. 

Let "What if nobody signs up" or "what if nobody shows up" be worries of other webinar virgins!  Not you!

Join Host Your 1st Webinar course, and your 1st webinar will have many happy viewers, participants, and buyers.

Let me show you:

  • Proven formula for selecting webinar topics your ideal customers would love to learn 
  • 10 systems for promoting your webinar (note: 9 of these won't cost you a single penny)      
  • Everything about writing e-mail auto-responders and reminders - how many to send, what exactly to say in each & when to send them.

Stop wasting time.  Learn a strategy.   

Ever feel like you are working hard but have little to show for it?  You need a solid proven STRATEGY.  

You must know:

  • How to incorporate webinars strategically into your business
  •  4 ways to monetize your webinars
  • Never before discussed methods for how to use webinars to scale your business and even create new courses 

Transform nervousness into confidence.

Host Your 1st Webinar with confidence and enthusiasm.  Be the expert that you are.

I can't wait to share with you:

  • Nelly's secret strategy for overcoming "1st webinar" fears.
  • The exact actions you should do 3 days before before the live webinar, 2 hours before, and a 10 minutes before,
  • Best practices entrepreneurs need to know to overcome nervousness, boost confident, and position yourself for success.

Here is what you will get inside the Host Your 1st Webinar e-course:

10 Step-by-Step Lessons 

You will learn EVERYTHING there is about getting started with hosting webinars.
- from technical set-ups...
-topic selection,
- ways to promote your webinar,
-how to overcome nerves, and more.

Affordable one-time-fee + Lifetime access

There are no payment plan options offered - because you will not need them.
This one-time gets you in.  And you will have lifetime access.

Follow-through Assignments

 12 easy to follow-through, actionable and practical assignments.

Do this first.
Do this second.
Do this next.

You will not only learn what to do, but the correct order in which to do it.

100 % Guarantee this will Work for You

If you do the course, step by step - you will absolutely reach your goal of hosting webinars.
This course is not theory or simply lots of content.
This is a digital coaching program that is actionable and practical - and works!

Bonus Tech Trainings and Resources

Additional training videos, check lists, and resources to help you host your webinar - and run your business.

Instant Access to Everything

Get access to all the core training videos and all the bonuses immediately.

What You’ll Get...

  • - 10 core videos trainings
  • - 12 practical action plans 
  • - PDFs of webinar tools and recommended resources 
  • - Additional video bonus trainings 

All these now for just:


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Why you should buy this course instead of any other webinar course

#1.  Those other programs include a whole bunch of random training videos which leave you wondering where you can even begin.  


Host Your 1st Webinar is organized to show you what you need to learn step-by-step, from start to finish, in order of implementation.

#2Those other courses assume that all the students will buy the same tools and use the same exact strategies without any regard for what phase of business you are in, what your budget is, or what your goals are.  


Host Your 1st Webinar is customized for you.  It will give you options and shows you which tools, equipment, and strategies YOU should be using right now, based on where you are in business right now.

#3.  The other courses are not currently available for purchase, as they launch during set times.  Plus, the price of $499 or $999 may be more than you can, or need to pay.


You get full immediate access to everything when you sign up for Host Your 1st Webinar + at the most affordable price.  Plus, with a 30 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!  

Get Instant Access to The Course!

Click the button below to get instant access to Host Your 1st Webinar!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't love the training content or the presentation style, just let me know (via e-mail) within 30 days of purchase and I'll send you a prompt refund.

"I promise you that this is the most practical, actionable, and affordable step-by-step course to Host Your 1st Webinar.  But if you buy the course and don't absolutely LOVE it, you will get a prompt refund.  Just send us an e-mail.  No hard feelings!
You have nothing to lose. "


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What if I'm not tech savvy?

What if I'm shy /self conscious/ nervous about putting myself out there?

Is there a guarantee that this training will work for me?  Or what if I just simply don't like it?

What if I'm on a budget?

What if I don't have an email list, fans, or followers yet?

Have other questions?  E-mail me.